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Polly Brown & Sweet Dreams – Greatest Hits: Original Masters in iTunes


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Polly Brown

  1 Up In a Puff of Smoke
  2 Special Delivery
  3 Dial “L” for Love
  4 I Need Another Song
  5 Am I Losing My Touch
  6 Only You Can Touch Me
  7 Love Loving You
  8 I’m Saving All My Love
  9 Shot Down In Flames
10 S.O.S.
11 Give Me Your Word
12 Do You Believe In Love At First Sight
13 One Girl Too Late
14 You’re My No. One
15 Love Bug
16 Love Bug Buzzin’
17 Honey Honey
18 Lonely Days Lonely Nights
19 I Could Conquer the World
20 Let’s Get Into Somethin’
21 I Just Want to Stay Here
22 Love a Little Bit Longer
23 The Best of Everything
24 I’ll Be Your Music
25 I’m So Glad I Gotcha
26 That’s the Way
27 Hollywood (Disco Star)
28 Love Kiss & Run
29 It’s Never Too Late
30 Ain’t Got Time for Messin’
31 I Surrender


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