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J. Vincent Edwards


1. Thanks
2. Angelica
3. Run To the Sun
4. Who Are My Friends
5. Long Live Love
6. Blowin’ It Again
7. Spread Your Wings
8. Do It All Over Again
9. Is It All That Bright and Beautiful
10. Didn’T We
11. Love of a Brother
12. Angie
13. The Light Is Dark Enough
14. No-One’s Song
15. Rely On Me
16. It’s All Over
17. Sounds of Tomorrow
18. Bad Dream
19. All My Bills Arrived Today
20. What a Piece of Work Is Man
21. See You Then
22. Love Is Not a Game
23. Have You Heard About Love
24. Just Talkin’
25. Bring Me Back Home
26. Now That You’ve Gone
27. Why
28. To Be You
29. I Never Thought


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