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Vanity Fare – Hitchin’ a Ride: The Original Hits: Original Masters in iTunes


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Vanity Fare


  1 Early In the Morning
  2 Hitchin’ a Ride
  3 Highway of Dreams
  4 I Live for the Sun
  5 On the Other Side of Life
  6 Waiting for the Nightfall
  7 You Made Me Love You
  8 Man Child
  9 Summer Morning
10 Betty Carter
11 Megowd (Something Tells Me)
12 Stand
13 Carolina’s Coming Home
14 Come Tomorrow
15 On Your Own
16 Better By Far
17 Rock ’n Roll Is Back
18 Our Own Way of Living
19 Nowhere to Go
20 I Hear Trumpets Blow
21 Angel
22 Fast Running Out of the World
23 Throw Your Weight Around
24 I’m In Love With the World
25 At the End of the Pier
26 Rock ’n Roll Band
27 Take It, Shake It, Break My Heart
28 Down Home
29 Making for the Sun
30 Dreamer
31 Southern Woman


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