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The Herd – Paradise and Underworld, the Complete Collection: Original Masters in iTunes


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The Herd


  1 From the Underworld
  2 Paradise Lost
  3 I Don’t Want Our Loving to Die
  4 Mother’s Blue Eyed Angel
  5 I Can Fly
  6 I Don’t Wanna Go to Sleep Again
  7 Beauty Queen
  8 Charlie Anderson
  9 Come On Believe Me
10 Diary of a Narcissist (I’m So Pretty)
11 Fare Thee Well
12 Follow the Leader
13 Goodbye Groovy
14 Impressions of Oliver
15 Laugh and Dance and Sing
16 Miss Jones
17 Mixed Up Minds
18 Bang!
19 On My Way Home
20 On Your Own
21 Our Fairy Tale
22 Sad
23 She Loves Me She Loves Me Not
24 Something Strange
25 Sugarloaf Mountain
26 Sunshine Cottage
27 Sweet William
28 The Game
29 Understand Me
30 Goodbye Baby (Baby Goodbye)
31 Here Comes the Fool
32 She Was Really Saying Something
33 It’s Been a Long Time Baby
34 Too Much In Love
35 This Boy’s Always Been True
36 Good Citizen


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