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The Chi Sound of Chi-Lites and Gene Chandler: Original Masters in iTunes


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Gene Chandler


1. Heavenly Body
2. Strung Out
3. Round and Round
4. Love Shock
5. Have You Seen Her (Re-Recording)
6. All I Want To Do Is Make Love To You
7. Give Me a Dream
8. Super Mad
9. Me and You
10. Tell Me Where It Hurts
11. Whole Lot of Good Loving
12. Oh Girl (Re-Recording)
13. Get Down With Me
14. Try My Side
15. Hot On a Thing (12” Version)
16. Never Speak To a Stranger
17. Get Down
18. Give Me the Clue
19. Greatest Love Ever Known
20. I’m the Traveling Kind
21. Lovequake
22. Please Sunrise
23. Tomorrow I May Not Feel the Same
24. What Now


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