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Neil Christian – That’s Nice: The Greatest Hits: Original Masters in iTunes


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Neil Christian


  1 That’s Nice
  2 She’s Got the Action
  3 Oops
  4 Wanna Lover
  5 Dedicated Follower of Fashion
  6 Gonna Love You Baby
  7 Get Ready for the Countdown
  8 What Would Your Momma Say Now
  9 Let Me Hear Your Laugh
10 Bit By Bit
11 Yaketty Yak
12 Let Me In
13 Feel In the Mood
14 I Got One for the Money
15 Lifetime of Loneliness
16 Crusading
17 I Remember
18 Big Beat Drum
19 Get a Load of This
20 Honey Hush
21 I Like It
22 My Baby Left Me
23 She Said Yeah
24 The Road to Love
25 Baby In Love (Two At a Time In German)
26 Was ich dir noch sagen wollte (Oops In German)


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