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Magic Lanterns – Shame Shame: The Complete Recordings: Original Masters in iTunes


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Magic Lanterns


  1 Shame Shame
  2 Let the Sun Shine In
  4 Country Woman
  5 Excuse Me Baby
  6 Another Place Another Time
  7 Melt All Your Troubles Away
  8 Sad Thing
  9 When the Music Stops
10 Why Can’t People Be People
11 I Don’t Wanna Go To Sleep Again
12 Baby I Gotta Go Now
13 Bossa Nova – Hello You Lovers
14 Brunette Lady
15 Carolina Brown
16 Caught In the Act
17 Feelings
18 Frisco Annie
19 Give Me Love
20 If You Don’t Know By Now
21 Never Gonna Trust My Heart Again
22 Impressions of Linda
23 Tell Me Who I Am
24 Pa Bradley
25 Stand for Your Rights
26 Mama Sure Could Swing a Deal
27 You Ring a Bell
28 Sara’s Coming Home
29 Out In the Cold Again
30 Pussy Willow Dragon
31 Sarah Wear a Smile
32 Innocent
33 Coo Coo Ca Choo
34 Wanna Be a Hero


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