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Blue Haze

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Blue Haze
The Best Seventies Hits Ever Various Artists
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
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Blue Haze – Original Masters:
  Title Year NL B D UK USA F S CH Japan I E
1 Smoke Gets In Your Eyes 1972 4/ 10w 2/ 18w 42/ 1w 32/ 6w 27/ 14w            
2 Unchained Melody 1972 tip 7/ 9w                  
3 Blue Moon 1972   15/ 6w                  
4 You’ll Never Walk Alone                        
5 Here Today, Gone Tomorrow                        
6 Little Lady Love Me                        
7 Throw A Little Lovin’                        
8 Anna Rosanna                        
9 Take Away My Heart Teresa                        

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